Hitch Lock For B&W 2.0″ & 2.5″ Tow & Stow 10K LB & 18K LB

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1PK (1) Hitch Lock, 2PK (2) Hitch Locks, 3PK (3) Hitch Locks, 3PK (2) Hitch Locks (1) 2.5" Receiver Lock, 3PK (2) Hitch Locks (1) 3.0" Receiver Lock, 4PK (3) Hitch Locks (1) 2.0" Receiver Lock, 4PK (3) Hitch Locks (1) 2.5" Receiver Lock, 4PK (3) Hitch Locks (1) 3.0" Receiver Lock

13 reviews for Hitch Lock For B&W 2.0″ & 2.5″ Tow & Stow 10K LB & 18K LB

  1. David (verified owner)

    These appear to be quality locks. Fit like a glove and will be a great deterrent for thieves, which is all you can ask for. The sales staff on the phone were very knowledgeable about the products and knew exactly the size pins I needed for our hitch. Highly recommend these locks.

  2. Danny

    Simply the best! I have one to lock my receiver hitch, and one to lock the drop hitch ball mount on my Bulletproof hitch. I’m buying another for my B&W Tow and Stow. I bought a Bulletproof locking hitch pin and it was absolute crap. Look at Amazon reviews for a a video of a guy pulling one apart after locking it, that’s me. Infinite Rule does amazing machining and crafts a superior locking pin. No need to shop around anymore.

  3. RickBinSD (verified owner)

    I was looking for a company that made keyed alike locks to fit all the receivers and hitches I own. Infinite Rule fit the bill. I have B&W & Shocker receiver hitches that are quite expensive, now I know they are secure. The only down side (at least for me) is the heads of the pins are slightly small for my hands but that is a very minor issue. USA made is important to me too!

  4. Willy


    Expensive locks for BW, I have other locking pins that use the ignition key for access, but my Ram2500 does not use a key, so I had to get a keyed locking pin option. The finish on the pin is good, not sure of the strength of the key lock mechanism. We all know the locking pin only avoids easy theft. You have to spin the key to unscrew the lock as opposed to turn and lock/unlock, for some that might be a PITA if you remove the hitch often. Just installed on my truck, will have to see if locking mechanism works as good today vs. years from now. Will be getting extra keys, the 2 pack comes with 2 keys, not sure if the 4 pack comes with 4 keys

  5. Todd Smith

    Best locks in the business.

    hese are the best locked. Every brand never last or are rusted within the year. Thanks

  6. Hassien S.

    Just what the hitch needed!

    It works! It’s sleek! Low profile and so far no issues. I’m not a fan of turning the key to lock or unlock it but if it keeps them darn sticky fingers off my stuff then I can deal with the inconvenience. Great product.

  7. Nicole

    It works hard unlike a lot of people these days!

    Foes what it is intended to do. If you have the key on a ring with other keys and key chains etc. then it is a pita. But so far even with the headache of removing the key from all others (quick connect now) I really like this lock! Tylenol anyone? I’m getting ready to go camping! 😂🤣😂 great stuff!

  8. BigDinMO

    Perfect Fit

    Perfect fit for the B&W stow hitch! Just be sure to remove the warning stickers on the shaft of the lock. Difficult to fit if not removed. Value for money? These darn things aren’t cheap but neither was my B&W hitch. Better safe than sorry.

  9. Robert E

    High Quality

    Finally, finally! A product made by people who actually know what works. I’m impressed (and I don’t impress easily). If I were designing hitch pin locks; these would be it. Yes, they cost a little more, but you’ll never need to buy it again. True to size, plenty of length, tough, strong, simple, yet ingenious locking mechanism. Money well spent.

  10. charles sandilos

    Highest quality

    Pricy BUT you get what you pay for. Precision like a fine surgical instrument. Buy these and you will never need to replace them. Unlike the others I have had, there is no looseness in the lock, no zinc alloy pot-metal in the structure. No chrome plating to peel and rust.

  11. RobnLil

    These are very well made!

    Compared to other hitch pin locks these are very far above! You get what you pay for and I’m proud to own a set of these. Design and finish is excellent. I bought the set of 4 for B&W tow and stow. One of the few products still made in the good old US of A!

  12. C. Witt

    Looks Great + Works Perfectly!

    I wanted to replace the factory hitch pins with matching (keyed-alike) hitch locks – add some security to the tow knuckle — and these work perfectly! I purchased the mixed pack, so all four pins are secure and look great on my B&W Tow & Stow. (*Note: I alternated the pins, so the locks were not all on the same side of the drop hitch).

    I would highly recommend this purchase to anyone looking for the same quality results.

  13. Vernon

    Super Nice but too expensive!

    I gave all 4 stars it’s pricey for what it is. It’ll keep an honest thief honest, that’s about it. It threads in and is a little time consuming compared to the others to install and uninstall. I like it still tho and recommend.

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