Receiver Lock For 3.0″ Receiver

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6 reviews for Receiver Lock For 3.0″ Receiver

  1. Bubba Gump

    Rated for my hitch

    Used for my new hitch. After spending $500 on the hitch I wanted locking pins that are rated for it. These seem like they will hold up and still be useable for lots of snow and mud seasons. I pull several different trailers, so they will be removed/installed regularly, which should help them last a long time.
    I will update if the key locks fail.

  2. Patrick L. Martin

    Works better than you might expect.

    Receiver pins are very difficult to defend against a thief with a big enough crowbar. With that said, this unit gives the thief at least a challenge as it has only one side to pry on. One side has a perfectly sized flange to keep pry bars from gaining purchase. The lock side has its cylinder which can be vulnerable, but this one is small enough to be a challenge, and almost impossible with certain hitch designs. I can pick locks with most of the better locksmiths and I can tell you from experience that you have to really know what you are doing and have the right tools, and a lot of time, to get by this lock. Absolutely no wear or corrosion after 1 year and almost 40K miles of use. Works for me!

  3. Scott

    Beautifully well made!

    This is the last locking pin you will ever buy. I’ve suffered through using cheap locking pins that rust, bend or fall apart. This one has a very heavy duty lock cylinder and brass keys. it is by far the highest quality locking pin I’ve ever seen

  4. S. M.

    Very high quality

    If you have a 2017+ Ford Super Duty this will work great with the 3” receiver. However will not span the width of the B&W turn over ball. They make a different product for that. However for those wondering should be great product at what it’s intended to do.

  5. alvarez877

    Pins fit perfect

    good quality of product

  6. Victor C.

    fit and ease of operation

    used this on my B&W hitch

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