Selling Trailer Hitch Locks and Off-Road Shackle Locks & Locking Pins – InfiniteRule Security, Inc.

Whether you use your vehicle for recreation or at the jobsite, protect your hardware with highly engineered, heavy-duty locking pins built to be as good looking as they are strong. Featuring a clean design, the InfiniteRule lineup includes the only locking pins available for shackles and D-rings and offer a significant improvement in appearance over other shackle or D-ring mounting options on the market.

Choose from a wide variety of products to fit your needs, from universal, heptagon and threaded locking pins to hitch pins. Each product has the added convenience and security of an exclusively keyed internal lock, as well as a uniquely sleek tapered head design that makes grabbing with a wrench or pliers nearly impossible.

All InfiniteRule products are constructed in the U.S. with high-quality, heavy-duty machined stainless steel or aluminum for maximum fatigue resistance and ultra-durability. The award-winning, patented locking pins are simple to install and certain to provide peace of mind while safeguarding your equipment. Secure all your hook, hitch and D-ring accessories. For your convenience, one key can be used for your multiple InfiniteRule Security locking pins.