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If you own a Rhino Hitch,  you've probably thought about how much someone else might want one! Our team at Infinite Rule have been thinking the same thing, so on this page you’ll find the best locks money can buy. If you're an owner of one of the best  hitch options on the market you’ll want to keep reading.

Protecting your high end hitches is as important as finding a good deal on them in the first place! Rhino hitches are strong and dependable so we made our locks to match, which also keeps them from being gripped by the tools of thievery (pliers?). Infinite Rule locks look good, they’re corrosion proof, and they’re the strongest hitch lock design we could find. What else is there? The quality, these locks are made right here in our family owned factory in California using Infinite Rule machinery. By the way, these locks are keyed alike using "one-key" technology. That just means we can make keys for you forever and you can have the same key for every Infinite Rule hitch lock.

If you're not convinced that we have the best locks for your Rhino hitch yet, click on one of the “view products” links on this page to learn more. 


  • Rhino Hitch – 2″ 10K LB Aluminum Hitch
  • Rhino Hitch – 2″ 12K LB Aluminum Hitch
  • Rhino Hitch – 2.5″ 14K LB Aluminum Hitch
  • Rhino Hitch – 3″ Aluminum Hitches


  • PROTECTS your vehicle’s investment. Stylish design reliably keeps your Receiver, Trailer Hitch, and Off-road Accessories secure. These pins are structurally and functionally sound, enabling you to use them for any job you could think of.
  • Weatherproof Cap protects the keyhole by keeping water, grime, and dirt out of the locking mechanism to ensure years of use.
  • Durable yet sleek design constructed from high strength Stainless Steel, to prevent rusting and allow for reliable security.
  • 21,000 lb Rating
  • Made in the USA by InfiniteRule Security, Inc.