Shackle Lock For Razor Auto 3/4″ Aluminum – 3 Ton – D-Ring Bow Shackle

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  • Razor Auto – 3/4″ Aluminum – 3 Ton – D-Ring Bow Shackle
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The InfiniteRule Security 2 Pack, Keyed Alike, Tapered Non-threaded Locking Pin (Model No. 61537) provides peace of mind when securing any hook, shackle, or accessory that you have invested in for your vehicle. The innovative design, which is made right here in the USA, is carefully and meticulously manufactured by our experts in our very own facility. Each piece is inspected for any imperfections to ensure ease of use, durability, and reliability. The weatherproof cap keeps any water, dirt, or grime that may enter the key hole out. InfiniteRule’s unique internal turn key locking mechanism allows for easy access and use on ANY setup that one may have. The (2) locking pins fit a 27/32 inch pinhole with up to a 3-3/16 inch span. Designed specifically to fit Razor Auto – 3/4″ Aluminum – 3 Ton – D-Ring Bow Shackle. These locking pins have been vigorously tested to ensure their usability for any job that may be thrown at you. They are rated at 15,000 lbs., with an ultimate failure of 45,000 lbs. Aside from their usability, they offer security that is second to none. It’s precise fit acts as a safety feature by making it nearly impossible to break or pry apart, which allows your hooks, shackles, or any other accessory to always be locked down. All of InfiniteRule’s products are made with countless hours of dedication and passion to ensure all of your trailer, towing, and off-road needs are kept safe. Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • PROTECTS your vehicle’s investment. Stylish Nickel Plated Steel, non-tamper design, reliably keeps your Off-Road Hook, D-Ring Shackle secure. Rated at , these pins are structurally and functionally sound, enabling you to use them for any job you could think of.
  • Weatherproof Cap protects the keyhole by keeping water, grime, and dirt out of the locking mechanism to ensure years of use. Durable yet sleek design constructed from high strength steel, with a nickel finish to prevent rusting and allow for reliable security.
  • Made in the USA by InfiniteRule Security, Inc.

Package Contents:

  • 1 Pack (1) 27/32″x 3-3/16″ Span – Tapered Non-Threaded Locking Pin
  • 2 Pack (2) 27/32″x 3-3/16″ Span – Tapered Non-Threaded Locking Pin

Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.5 × 1.8 in
Pack Size

1PK (1) Shackle Lock, 2PK (2) Shackle Locks


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