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If you own a Gen-Y Hitch you’ve probably thought about how much someone else might want one too! Our team at InfiniteRule have been thinking the same thing, so on this page you’ll find the best locks money can buy. If you’re an owner of one of the best towing hitch options on the market you’ll want to keep reading.

Protecting your high end adjustable Gen-Y hitch is as important as finding a good deal on it in the first place! The Gen-Y Mega Duty is an awesome hitch with a premium build so we made our locks to match, which also keeps them safe from the tools of thievery (pliers?). InfiniteRule locks look good, they’re corrosion proof, and they’re the best Gen-Y hitch lock design we could find. What else is there? The quality, these locks are made from stainless steel right here in our family owned factory in California using InfiniteRule machinery. By the way, these locks are keyed alike using "one-key" technology. That just means we can make keys for you forever and you can have the same key for every InfiniteRule hitch lock.

Good news, if you're wondering "what about my other Gen-Y products" dont worry! We're making the same high quality Gen-Y locks for several products that they offer. You'll find locks for the 10K, 16K, 21K, 32K, and goosneck torsion suspension coupler on our site!

If you’re not convinced that we have the best locks for your Gen-Y receiver hitch yet click on one of the “view products” links on this page to learn more.

Do you own one of these? If so, trust us to help!

  • Gen-Y Hitch – 10K LB & 16K LB Towing Series
  • Gen-Y Hitch – 21K LB Towing Series
  • Gen-Y Hitch – Mega Duty – 32K LB Towing Series
  • Gen-Y Hitch – Gooseneck Coupler Lock

We’re always here if you need us, give us a call at (800) 990-0414 if you want to talk to our team about towing, trailering, or offroading locks and security!