Gen-Y Hitch
10K & 16K LB
Hitch Lock

Gen-Y Hitch
Mega Duty 21
Hitch Lock

Gen-Y Hitch
 Duty 32
Hitch Lock

Gen-Y Hitch
Gooseneck Torsion Coupler
Hitch Lock

Gen-Y Hitch
Phantom-X 7K & Phantom 5K
Hitch Lock

Gen-Y Hitch
Phantom-X 16K & Phantom Flip & Tow
Hitch Lock

Gen-Y Hitch
Executive & Spartan SnapLatch
Hitch Lock

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Hitch Security?

If You Own A Gen-Y Hitch You've Probably Thought About How Much Someone Else Might Want Their Own Gen-Y Mega Duty, Phantom, Mega Duty, Snaplatch, or Torsion Coupler! Our Team At InfiniteRule Has Been Thinking The Same Thing, So On This Page, You’ll Find The Best Gen-Y Hitch Locks Money Can Buy. If You're An Owner Of A Trailer You Use For Towing Or Your Favorite Hobby You’ll Want To Keep Reading.

These Heavy-Duty Gen-Y Locking Pins Are Made From High-Strength Stainless Steel And Feature A Unique Double-Locking Mechanism That Makes It Extremely Difficult To Break. This Also Keeps Your Hitch Lock Safe From The Tools Of Thievery (Pliers?). InfiniteRule Locks Look Good, They’re Corrosion Proof, And They’re The Best Hitch Locking Pin Design We Could Engineer. What Else Is There? The Quality, These Stainless Steel Locks Are Made In The USA Right Here In Our Own Factory In California Using InfiniteRule Machinery. By The Way, These Hitch Pin Locks Are Keyed Alike Using "One-Key" Technology. That Just Means We Can Make Keys For You Forever And You Can Have The Same Key For Every InfiniteRule Receiver Hitch Lock.

Keep Your Hitch Secure From Theft With Quality Hitch Locks

InfiniteRule Hitch Locks Are Designed For Hardworking People Who Take Pride In Ownership. We Make The Best Hitch Locks From Premium Stainless Steel Right Here In The USA! There Are A Ton Of Benefits To Purchasing American Made Hitch Locks.


  • Premium Quality American Craftsmanship
  • Designed, Rated, and Inspected For Safety
  • Precision Fit For Your Gen-Y Hitch
  • A Customer Service Team That Truly Cares

How Does InfiniteRule Stack Up Against The Competition?

There Are Many Hitch Locks To Choose From But We Promise, InfiniteRule Is Really The Best! Our Company Values Push Us To Produce Towing Hitch Locks Of The Highest Quality That Are Feature-Rich.

Key Features:

  • Machined From Durable Stainless Steel
  • Weatherproof Rubber Caps Protect From Rust And Corrosion
  • Passed Through Rigorous Third-Party Testing
  • Keyed Alike For Convenience - One Key Works All Your Locks
  • Available In Multi-Lock Packs For Full Hitch Security
  • Proudly Made In The USA At Our California Factory

Is This The Right Receiver Hitch Lock For You?

Our Locks And Pins Are Tailor-Made For Gen-Y Trailer Hitches, Ensuring A Perfect Application Specific Fit For The Gen-Y Mega Duty Hitch, The Gen-Y Phantom Hitch, Gen-Y Gooseneck Tortion Hitch And More!


  • Gen-Y Hitch Mega Duty 10K LB & 16K LB Towing Series
  • Gen-Y Hitch Mega Duty 21K LB Towing Series
  • Gen-Y Hitch Mega Duty 32K LB Towing Series
  • Gen-Y Hitch Gooseneck Coupler Lock
  • Gen-Y Hitch Phantom-X 7K & Phantom 5K Hitches
  • Gen-Y Hitch Phantom-X 16K & Phantom Flip & Tow Hitches
  • Gen-Y Hitch Executive SnapLatch
  • Gen-Y Hitch Spartan SnapLatch

Multi-Lock Packs with Additional Receiver Lock

InfiniteRule Offers Multi-Lock Packs, Including An Additional Receiver Lock For Comprehensive Hitch Security. Safeguard Not Just Your Hitch But Your Entire Towing Setup With Our Thoughtfully Curated Mix Packs. The Mixed Packs Can Be Purchased With A 2”, 2.5”, Or 3” Receiver Lock And Ball Mount Locks For Your Gen-Y Hitch.

Get Peace Of Mind And Protect Your Hitch Today. Click The Images Above To Browse Our Full Line Of Heavy-Duty, American-Made Gen-Y Hitch Locks For Your Specific Trailer Setup.